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The world calls for, and expects from us, simplicity of life, the spirit of prayer, charity towards all, especially towards the lowly and the poor.

Sustainable development and humanitarian projects in Somalia.

Our programs are designed to be sustainable, long-lasting, and responsive to the needs of the communities we serve. We also prioritize innovation and creativity in our approach to development. We are constantly exploring new ideas and approaches to sustainable development, and we welcome partnerships with organizations and individuals who share our vision. Thank you for visiting the GSI website. We hope you will join us in our mission to create a greener, more sustainable Somalia for all..

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Developing Gender Graduate Students Capacity on FMNR– Somali National University.

Climate change and returning drought has become serious and dominant issue to all Somali pastoralists which reduces forage and water available for livestock grazing, therefore we have decided to come up with an initiative which will help tackle the crisis. From that vision, GSI in collaboration with Somali National University (SNU) have jointly organized a 2 days capacity building training on 10th -11 Dec 2022. The target audiences were undergraduate gender students in the SNU Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Science. This to educate and empower gender on land restoration and environmental protection by means of awareness raising and capacity building trainings.

This to educate and empower gender on land restoration and environmental protection by means of awareness raising and capacity building trainings

In order to set up regreening initiative and the community able to source planting materials GSI distributing seeds 940 of seedlings tree, 24kg of seeds of indigenous species benefited by 1,100 most disadvantage members of the community combined both Male and Female headed household in mudug to improve livelihoods, resilience to climate change, and to restore ecosystem services, particularly through regreening initiative in Mudug Region. GSI provided quality seedlings which can be accessed locally, this facility will reduce time and money spending that otherwise procured from longer distance

Capacity Building Training to Baki Community on FMNR Concept Awdal region

The training for the FMNR concept took place in Baki district City.  The participants received 5 days training. The training was held in 12-16 Feb 2023. The training schedules are attached as Annex to this report.

The FMNR guiding principles were to practice various FMNR techniques, learn indigenous knowledge of tree management, and share modern tree management practices. The training included not only teaching and training, but also field practices at FMNR sites. Following the training, participants were taken to the field to practice tree thinning and pruning. During the demonstration, it became clear to all participants that thinning/pruning young trees produced some immediate benefits, such as woods that could be used for household fire/energy and branches/leaves that could be used as fodder. sign was to create new capacity.

Climate Emergency Day on Accelerating Renewable Energy Transition in Somalia

The event was organized by GSI, and A4E. The purpose of the event was to raise awareness and foster dialogue on the challenges and opportunities of renewable energy in Somalia, and to showcase some of the successful projects and initiatives that have been implemented in the country. The event featured four key speakers and eight panel guests who shared their views and experiences on various aspects of renewable energy, such as policy, environment, market, technology, and development. The event also included a panel discussion with questions from the moderator and the audience.

  • Highlight the importance and urgency of transitioning to renewable energy in Somalia in light of the climate emergency and the energy crisis.
  • Showcase some of the best practices and lessons learned from renewable energy projects and initiatives in Somalia, especially those involving solar minigrids.
  • Identify the key challenges and barriers that hinder the development and adoption of renewable energy solutions in Somalia, and propose possible solutions and recommendations.
  • Encourage collaboration and partnership among different stakeholders, such as government, private sector, civil society, academia, and international organizations, in promoting renewable energy in Somalia.
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GSI Strategic objectives

Developing strategies and capacity

Forge strategic partnerships with other organizations, academic institutions, and industry experts to leverage additional resources and expertise.

Promoting hygiene and sanitation

Partner with local authorities, community leaders, and non-profit organizations to implement infrastructure projects aimed at improving access to clean water and sanitation facilities.

Influencing skills and knowledge

Utilize a variety of communication channels and methods, including workshops, seminars and educational materials, to disseminate information and build skills.

Developing capacities and technologies

Invest in research and development to identify emerging technologies and innovative solutions relevant to your organization's mission and objectives.

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