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About Us

Green Somali Initiatives uses participatory approaches implemented by the Somali Community Green field Schools (CGFS) and Somali Educational Institutions clubs and societies, where communities undertake and own coordinated GSI Environmental and Climate Change Strategic Initiatives. The Strategic Initiatives Interventions result into Sustainable and Circular Environmental Conservation, Climate Change mitigation and Natural Resource Management, Assurance of food security, Somalia Government policy support and contribution dialogue and advocacy and, Social Inclusion and Integration through Peace building, Ethical and Moral uprightness. 

Our mission

Climate change, mitigation, environmental conservation, peace and sustainable livelihoods services/products

Our vision

Participatory research, capacity building and training on conservation peace and sustainable livelihoods

Our Values

Participatory green research, policy interpretation and contribution 

team of experts

Our Personel

The firm has 15 full time staff holding various levels of qualifications in the Environment, Project Management and allied fields. This demonstrates capacity to take on local and international Projects and Programmes. The firm has over 20 (twenty) contractual professionals in Environment -related disciplines to deliver, on joint terms, the various services that the Somalia Community may need. This greatly increases the capacity range of services available. 


The firm also employs personnel from time to time (on intermittent basis) to provide necessary short-term expert support particularly in Non-profit work.

These are fully qualified people in their respective fields. The staffs are relatively young with modern experience, set to deliver 21st century style services. Staff motivation is high and continuous professional education is demanded to keep in touch with current Environment and Climate Change Emerging Issues 

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